The Treatment Center is a fully accredited addiction treatment center with The Joint Commission.

The Highest Standard of Patient Care Did Not Exist – So We Created It. We are one of the top drug rehab treatment centers in Florida. With decades of experience, our board-certified professionals specialize in substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

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Who We Are

We are a treatment center that applies the latest methods and techniques in breaking down the tricky stages of addiction.

Here at The Treatment Center, we aim to restore your faith and hope in life while overcoming your addiction.

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The Treatment Center drug and alcohol rehabilitation center

How We Can Help You

We use state of the art techniques that have been designed to target
the specific stages of addiction and each individual's unique case.

Faith Based

Your relationship with God is as important a step in recovery as any other. By restoring your faith you will see that you are not at it alone and it will give you the boost of confidence needed to succeed.

Court Liaison

Having legal matters weighing heavily on your mind can make your road to recovery a bit bumpy that's why we offer an in house attorney that directs our Court Liaison program to better facilitate your legal matters.

Chronic Pain

Accidents or congenital problems that cause us pain are at the root of a high percentage of addictions. We can teach you how to deal with your pain utilizing methods that enable you to live a life free of narcotic dependency.


Some patients need more support than others while battling their addiction and for this reason we offer an inpatient facility and treatment center to better care for patients 24/7.


When our patients feel that they have obtained enough information and tools to maintain their sobriety outside of our facility we offer them our entrusting outpatient program.


Our youth is one of the most susceptible groups to addiction. Peer pressure is something dealt with by our teens on a daily basis. The quicker we intervene the beginning stages of dependency and addiction the easier their recovery.

Some Words From Past Patients

“I lost faith in my God and shortly after lost faith in myself. My life was consumed by my addiction and I refused to admit it. The Treatment Center taught me that my life was only beginning. I owe them my life.”

“When I found Pills in my teenage sons room I didn't know what to do or where to turn. I called The Treatment Center and they approached my son in a Big Brother manner gaining his trust and ultimately leading to his 2 year sobriety.”

“This center is one of the few compassionate, caring, and diligent treatment centers around. This was not my first time seeking help but it is undoubtedly my last time. Sometimes all you need to know is that you're not a monster and someone actually cares. I would bet my life on anyone's recovery,”

Take control of your life back. We can show you how.

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